MS&T Editorial Team

MS&T editors are well-known and respected by the simulation and training community around the world. They bring the highest level of journalistic credibility, underpinned by decades of industry experience. 

Andy Fawkes – Editor
Andy is a chartered engineer with many years’ experience in military simulation and training in both government and industry. In the UK MoD, Andy was a member of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors and held a number of roles in nuclear submarine operational analysis, design, procurement and education for the Royal Navy. 20 years ago he moved into the field of military simulation as head of simulation policy for the UK MoD and Chair of the NATO Modelling and Simulation Group. In 2012 he moved to industry and has been a training and simulation consultant on studies commissioned by both MoD and large defence primes. For 6 years he has been the academic liaison for Bohemia Interactive Simulations and was their project architect for the British Army’s Virtual Reality in Land Training Pilot Project which built towards a collective training audience of over 30 soldiers using VR.

Jeff Loube – Deputy Editor Emeritus
Jeff Loube retired as a Lieutenant Commander, RCN with 26 years’ service in surface operations and training, following that with 30 years in the military simulation and training industry. Jeff has worked on training system requirements and definition, concept development, instructional design, media selection, and client relations. Jeff has been supporting MS&T editorially for 16 years. 

Chris Lehman – Group Content Director
Chris served as Editor of MS&T and CAT magazines for 15 years, leveraging more than 30 years’ experience in military and civil aviation training and simulation. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (FRAeS). Chris has an extensive background in training systems development, international marketing and sales, contracts and program management. He maintains his civil pilot license and has been current on fixed-wing aircraft for over three decades. Chris has been the Conference Chair of the WATS and EATS aviation training conferences for over a decade.

Marty Kauchak – Group Editor
Marty Kauchak is a retired US Navy Captain, having served for more than 23 years in the surface warfare community, gaining training and simulation experience through five operational assignments and major staff management positions. Marty also brings expertise as a former editor for defense publications in the US and overseas and as congressional and media outreach coordinator for the US DoD’s Training Transformation Program.

Dim Jones – European Editor
Dim Jones is a former UK RAF Group Captain with 44 years’ experience in defence aviation, having flown more than 7,700 hours in a wide variety of aircraft, the vast majority fast-jet. Dim served as an Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner with the USAF, and as a Qualified Tactics Instructor, Squadron Commander, Station Commander and Deputy Inspector of Flight Safety. Dim spent six years as a Qualified Pilot Nav Instructor on the Hawk.

Chuck Weirauch – US Affairs Editor
Chuck Weirauch has been writing for CAT and MS&T for more than 10 years. As a public affairs writer for NASA at Kennedy Space Centre, Chuck covered such programs as the Space Shuttle, simulation technologies, NASA aviation research and the agency’s advanced research and technology spinoffs program.

Amanda Towner – Industry Reporter North America
Amanda Towner writes news articles for all three of the Halldale Group’s magazine news websites. She studies English and Creative Writing at Stetson University, where she became a Sullivan Scholar for her work. Her writing covers several topics including journalism and storytelling, and is featured in several publications.