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Diamond Visionics Completes Final Acceptance

Diamond Visionics has completed Final Acceptance on the US Navy C-130T full trainer upgrade for JF Taylor Inc. using GenesisIG. The GenesisRTX ability to natively render the scene directly from the Navy Portable Source Initiative (NPSI) source data...  Read more

AERALIS develops new leasing model for fighter jet

AERALIS is looking to offer a new leasing model that promises to significantly reduce costs for their potential customers. Adopting a unique modular concept built around a robust common core fuselage, the AERALIS suite of jet trainers will have 85...  Read more

Deck Landing Trials on the QEC

Flight trials off the US East Coast validated the F35/QEC Integration Simulator at BAE Systems Warton. Dim Jones‘ observations on some of the trials. During the last part of 2018, the first of the UK’s new Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft...  Read more