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Boeing wins US Air Force T-X pilot training contract

Boeing won a $9.2-billion contract from the U.S. Air Force to provide 351 T-X jets, 46 simulators and associated ground equipment to replace the Air Education and Training Command’s 57-year-old fleet of T-38C Talons, and transition cadets to the...  Read more

Reiser Airbus H145 FFS operational

Reiser Simulation and Training’s Airbus H145 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is now operational at the Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter (NCCH) in Stavanger, Norway, which provides training for Norwegian Air Ambulance Helicopter Emergency Medical...  Read more

Field Aerospace begins T-1A flight deck modernization

flight deck
Field Aerospace began the flight deck modernization of the first of 178 U.S. Air Force (USAF) T-1A trainer aircraft that will bring the USAF’s fleet into compliance with Federal Aviation Administration Airspace System mandates and address increasing...  Read more