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Military Flight Conference 2019

Billed as ‘The World’s Premier Military Flight Training Conference’, the 18th annual Defence IQ Military Flight Training Conference convened in London in March. Dim Jones was there. A noticeable change over the last few years has been a progressive...  Read more

High-G Training at the 711th Human Performance Wing

Avoiding the dreaded G-LOC. Chuck Weirauch reports on the new US Air Force centrifuge at Wright-Patt. The US Air Force’s newest and only human-rated centrifuge is now providing all initial and advanced high-G acceleration training for the Service’s...  Read more


An MS&T Exclusive Interview with MG Gervais. Major General Maria Gervais is Deputy Commanding General, US Army Combined Arms Center, and Director of the Cross Functional Team (CFT) for the Synthetic Training Environment (STE). At the Defence...  Read more

Closing in on the LVC Holy Grail

Group Editor Marty Kauchak provides insights from five industry leaders on the military-industry team’s efforts to provide true interoperability during LVC events. Military services around the globe are using elements of an LVC...  Read more