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Helicopter Training (AW159) in the UK

The AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat is the latest helicopter type to enter service with the UK Army, Royal Marines and Royal Navy. MS&T’s Dim Jones visited Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton to take a look. Previously known as ‘Future Lynx’ and...  Read more

Soldiers, Wearables and Sensors; Where Next

The soldier of the near-future may more resemble a robot than a humanoid: wrapped in an Iron Man-style exoskeleton and bristling with sensors and electronic devices from his eyes and ears to the heels of his boots, a node on a network with...  Read more

All’s Not Quiet On The Eastern Front

From the Arctic Circle through Eastern Europe to the Arabian Peninsula, heightened tensions are giving rise to fears that war between major powers might be a miscalculation away. Russia and the West continue to ratchet up the rhetoric while escalating...  Read more