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LVC Training to Fulfil its Potential?

LVC has tremendous untapped potential but something needs to change. Phil Jasper writes. Realistic, relevant and secure operational training is fundamental to warfighter readiness. Yet we are training with a complex array of partially integrated systems...  Read more

Game Based Leadership Training

How game-based training and assessment helps the IDF grow better future leaders. Ran Rimon writes. Major D. was staring at the penguin for what seemed like forever. The penguin stared back, and the seasoned officer was beginning to feel a tinge of...  Read more

RCAF Air Mobility Training Center

Technology and collaboration has created an optimal training environment for the CC-130J. Managing Editor Jeff Loube visited the RCAF’s Air Mobility Training Centre. When the RCAF acquired the CC-130J Hercules tactical aircraft it was readily apparent...  Read more

TRADOC Commander Talks Army Training

The current commanding general of TRADOC is General Stephen J. Townsend. Following his Military Keynote address on November 28, at 2017 I/ITSEC, General David G. Perkins, Commanding General, US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) sat down...  Read more