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Enabling Modernization and More

This 27 February, group editor Marty Kauchak completed a wide-ranging interview with Colonel Joseph Nolan, Deputy Director of US Army Modeling and Simulation Office (AMSO). Highlights from their interview are provided below. The US Army’s annual...  Read more

I/ITSEC 2018 Twitter Storm

Day-by-day highlights of real-time tweets from the I/ITSEC 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida provide glimpses of this multi-faceted event. (Caution: you may notice a VR helmet or two in the photos.) @MST_Magazine and Editor Rick Adams (@AvTrngEditor)...  Read more

A Platform for Cyber Mission Training

The Army’s new Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) will facilitate training in the fog of cyber warfare. Robert W. Moorman investigates the initiative. While its creation will address an urgent need, the program’s name is a bit confusing:...  Read more

Ready, Set, Disrupt

I/ITSEC 2018 has proved again to be the premier event of the military S&T year, rich with content on the show floor, in the conference rooms, and even in the margins. MS&T editors Jeff Loube, Marty Kauchak, Dim Jones and Rick Adams report....  Read more

New NATO Security Priorities

Cyber and AI/Behaviour Modelling are keys to the new security environment. Halldale’s Walter F. Ullrich summarizes the NMSG symposium. National representatives and observers from 20 countries and eight NATO organizations met in October in Ottawa,...  Read more