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Gaming Ground

Gaming - Oculus Rift
Gaming technologies are improving exponentially; costs are coming down. MS&T’s Chuck Weirauch writes from GameTech with the latest. Attendance at the 2014 GameTech Defense Users Conference in Orlando was down from previous years, primarily due to...  Read more

Gearing Up for the Pacific Pivot

As the US turns its attention to the Pacific, the Services language and cultural centers are adjusting programs to reflect changing priorities. MS&T’s Chuck Weirauch writes. There seems to be much debate lately as to when or even if the US foreign...  Read more

The Army Aviation Centre at Middle Wallop

The AAC provides training for Army Air Corps personnel of all ranks. Europe Editor Dim Jones recounts his visit to the Centre. Back in the early 90s, and despite the fall of the Berlin Wall, the threat of the armoured hordes roaring across the North...  Read more


COMBATER After decades of in-house maintenance and development, the Brazilian Army decided a new COTS solution would provide significant benefits and ROI. The result is COMBATER, a constructive simulation system that is meeting their expectations. Lt Col...  Read more