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Magazine published: 7th March, 2018

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A Memorable Journey. Outgoing Editor Jeff Loube gets in a few last comments.

Clouds on the S&T Horizon. Group Editor Marty Kauchak provides an overview of the US Defense Department’s quickening pace of developing cloud-enabled training and education capabilities.

A Platform for Cyber Mission Training. The Army’s new Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) will facilitate training in the fog of cyber warfare. Robert W. Moorman investigates the initiative.

Trending: AI-Enabled Adaptive Training. Adaptive, performance-focused, at the point of need. Enabled by big data analytics and cloud delivery. That’s how leaders in the community envision the future of military simulation and training. Rick Adams summarizes their thoughts on what’s trending.

Ready, Set, Disrupt. I/ITSEC 2018 has proved again to be the premier event of the military S&T year, rich with content on the show floor, in the conference rooms, and even in the margins. MS&T editors Jeff Loube, Marty Kauchak, Dim Jones and Rick Adams report.

LM Demos Future Vertical Lift Sim. In pursuit of its Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) aspirations, the US Army will fund a Competitive Prototyping (CP) program aimed at designing, building, and testing two aircraft by 2023. MS&T “flying editor” Dim Jones checked out Lockheed Martin’s progress.

Doing the RCAF’s Bidding. It’s more than 600 kilometers, as the Canadian Goose flies, from Moose Jaw to the nearest major cities of Winnipeg and Calgary, more than 2,500 km from Ottawa, making the vast open spaces of Saskatchewan and Alberta ideal for unhindered flight training. Beth Stevenson visited Moose Jaw on behalf of MS&T to check out NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) which uses more than 700,000 km² of airspace.

New NATO Security Priorities. Cyber and AI/Behavior Modelling are keys to the new security environment. Halldale’s Walter F. Ullrich summarizes the NMSG symposium.

Waking up to Simulation. In an evolving threat landscape, MilSim Asia showcased the present and the future value of S&T technologies. Kate Warner reports from Singapore.

Re-Learning Lessons: Omega CAS Conference. The sixteenth annual Omega Close Air Support (CAS) Conference took place at the Reading Hilton, west of London, in November. Europe Editor Dim Jones joined the event.

On Becoming Genuine. The UK’s Land Warfare Centre can finally claim to be a legitimate warfare centre in the broad sense. Gareth Davies describes the new look.

Springtime in Stockholm. Look to ITEC 2019 to spotlight new and disruptive technology within a core theme of interoperability. Europe Editor Dim Jones previews the event.

Seen & Heard. Updates from the training and simulation community. Compiled and edited by the Halldale editorial staff.

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