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Magazine published: 28 June, 2019

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Size-Wize. Rick Adams asks: Are the constant mergers in the defence industry bad for S&T?

The Sciences of Simulation. A primer on the visual, motion, audible and haptic cues necessary for immersive environments by David Hambling.

Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract. Europe Editor Dim Jones visits RNAS Yeovilton and the Royal Navy School of Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract and Underwater Escape Training Unit — aka “The Dunker”.

Setting a New Naval Course. The US Navy’s surface warfare community’s training continues to evolve since two major collisions in 2017. Group Editor Marty Kauchak explains.

Hazor, the IAF Simulation Center. Tens of thousands of sorties are flown in Israeli Air Force Simulators. Arie Egozi was granted special access to the training airbase, including a conversation with BGen Amnon Ein-Dar, Head of the Training and Doctrine Division.

Urban Training Reboot. Industry suppliers in the US and Europe are helping their customers increase mission readiness through urban training. Group Editor Marty Kauchak highlights some innovations.

CAE on a Roll. After 70 years as a Canadian success story, CAE is ubiquitous in the Canadian defence and security scene, providing training solutions, services and operational services. Jeff Loube took in their pre-CANSEC presser.

ITEC 2019: Stockholm Stories. This year’s ITEC conference theme, “Interoperable By Design: Connecting People, Technology and Nations”, reflects the changing demands of the global security and defence architecture. MS&T Europe Editor Dim Jones reflects on the event.

Seen & Heard. Updates from the training and simulation community. Compiled and edited by the Halldale editorial staff.

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