MS&T Circulation

MS&T’s Simulation and Training-specific distribution database offers advertisers the most targeted audience as well as the best value for their advertising budget.

Supporting Halldale’s worldwide database of training professionals is a critical task for our editorial and business staff. Their industry knowledge allows us to source, compile, and maintain the highest quality database of training professionals in the industry. Our circulation staff consistently work to BPA’s high standards of data entry, renewal, subscriptions and audit preparation.

Halldale’s digital readership and online presence is bigger than ever, with new digital copies of the magazine and a daily news service.

Our policy is to have editorial and business presence at each event where the main focus is S&T and to exhibit where possible. This keeps us up to date with a rapidly changing market and allows us to source new readers and renew current readers with the goal of maintaining a database under two years old. It also facilitates the distribution of between 150 and 3,000 extra copies of MS&T, depending on the size of the event.

Distribution by Organisation

• Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force  9,865
• DOD, Joint Commands, Government  2,821
• MST Industry: Prime Contractors, Military Training Providers  6,417
• Universities and other research institutes  489
• Police, Security, First Responder training  57
• Medical training  522
• Unmanned Vehicles  367
• Consultants, human factors, language and other training  165
• Unclassified and other organizations  495
Total 21,198


Stephen Hatcher, Distribution & Circulation
[t] +44 (0)1252 532010