Issue 3/2020 

Advertising Deadline – 20th July 2020
Publication Date – 7th August 2020

Special Report: S&T Awards 2020 We announce the Annual Industry Simulation & Training Awards for 2020, recognizing the hard work and creativity of the S&T industry. 

Project Gladiator – UK DOTC (Air) – The RAF’s Project Gladiator will provide UK air environment elements the ability to train, rehearse and develop capabilities across connected and distributed simulation assets. Europe Editor Dim Jones reports. 

US Military Medical and Logistics Personnel Training – Current events highlight the need to train military medical and logistics personnel to operate effectively with their civil counterparts during a national crisis. Robert W. Moorman reports on US developments.

USN Augmented Reality Critical Maintenance Skills Trainer – Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports on ONR’s augmented reality program that is addressing critical skills gaps for maintenance aboard the USS Gerald Ford.

Interview with Todd Probert, CAE’s Group President Defence & Security Group – Group Editor Marty Kauchak speaks to CAE’s Todd Probert who was appointed Group President of CAE’s Defence & Security Group in January 2020.

Remote Training – The COVID-19 pandemic has increased dramatically the need and demand for remote training so skills can be learnt and kept current. What are the challenges and opportunities now and into the future?

International Test Pilots School  Based in London, Canada, the International Test Pilots School (ITPS) offers a range of training courses for Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers already chosen by 25 Air arms to date. Europe Editor Dim Jones reports.

Training Measurement and Evaluation – Assessing training effectiveness is fundamental to good training design and optimization. Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports on advances in our ability to measure, analyze and store training data and the impact on training.

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