Issue 4/2018

Advertising Deadline – 27th July 2018
Publication Date – 17th August 2018

Appointment: Annapolis The US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland has been training officers for the US Navy and the US Marine Corps since 1845. Robert Moorman follows up his MS&T report on the US Military Academy (West Point) and the US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs) with an examination of modern cadet development – from Congressional appointment letter to graduation commissioning.

Rotary-Wing Training Transition – The continuing transition to new avionics, new helicopter training aircraft, tilt-rotors, autonomous aircraft, pilot shortages, and a desire to accelerate the Future Vertical Lift program are driving increasing activity in the rotary-wing training market in the US, Europe and elsewhere. MS&T Editor Rick Adams looks at recent developments and modernization wish lists.

Germany Focus: Nordholz – MS&T Europe Editor Dim Jones visited the German Navy’s facilities at Nordholz Naval Airbase, the home of Naval Air Command, where CAE Elektronik GmbH provides training systems for the P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, MK41 Sea King helicopter, and the Joint Lynx Simulator Training Establishment (JLSTE), and hopes to win a bid for the NH90-variant Sea Lion helicopter to enter service late next year.

Germany Focus: Grob – The Grob G 120TP is proving to be a popular choice for basic training, having been selected by the UK, US Army, Royal Jordanian Air Force, Indonesian Air Force, Argentine Air Force, and Mexican Air Force, among others. MS&T Europe Editor Dim Jones visited Grob Aircraft’s headquarters in Bavaria to take a close look.

Virtual Reality in Maintenance Training – Among the earliest adopters of virtual reality in the military are those tasked with maintenance training, traditionally one of the most challenging training areas because of limited hands-on resources. Group Editor Marty Kauchak looks at examples of how the evolving VR technology is being applied.

Blockchain – Applying Bitcoin Technology to Military Training  – The technology underlying the volatile “bitcoin” market is claimed to be a “virtually incorruptible” digital ledger, not just of financial transactions but anything of value. Blockchain essentially stores blocks of information across its peer-to-peer network, which cannot be controlled by any single entity. MS&T Editor Rick Adams looks at emerging applications of blockchain technology in training and simulation.

MS&T’s Industry Simulation & Training Awards – Recognizing excellence in the international defence community … the people, products, processes, and organizations that provide exceptional value to military clients. Categories to be announced include: Outstanding Innovative Product; Outstanding Service and Support Program; Outstanding Training Systems Integration Project; Small Business of the Year; and Pioneer Award. 

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