Issue 6/2017

Advertising Deadline – 2nd November 2017
Publication Date – 22nd November 2017

Team Orlando In the run up to the annual I/ITSEC conference, to take place in Orlando, Florida, MS&T profiles “Team Orlando”, a unique collaborative alliance formed by leading US military modeling simulation training commands, and supported and augmented by academic and industry leaders in the modeling and simulation, human performance and training sectors. This feature article will include interviews of the Collaborative’s senior leadership, including PM TRASYS, PEO STRI, NAWCTSD, and the USAF’s AFAMS.

USAF Academy – The education and training of military leadership is more important than it has ever been. In today’s complex and asymmetric operations, preparing adaptive, agile leaders who are capable of critical thinking is as important to operational success as the firepower itself. We investigate the role of the USAF Academy in the preparation of 21st century military leaders.

Military EMS – Advances in military EMS training and technologies have been nothing short of staggering in the past few years. Military medics, evacuation specialists and trauma surgeons have reduced battlefield fatalities by a very significant margin, and new prosthetic technologies offer the promise of very high physical abilities even from the loss of limbs. MS&T investigates the technologies and the techniques at the root of these results. 

Counter-UAV Training – MS&T takes a look at the training associated with countering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs), particularly the effort to counter micro-UAVs, given their growth and usage among non-state actors and terrorist organisations. Inexpensive aerial drones used for intelligence-gathering can pose a high threat level to Western militaries, as they require little infrastructure and operator training.

The Graying S&T Workforce – In a similar fashion to other high technology and highly skilled workforces, the Simulation & Training industry is facing personnel challenges as the workforce ages and retires, and this reality is compounded by the demographics of the pool of possible new hires. MS&T investigates the issues, challenges and potential mitigations. 

Desdemona – MS&T visits the Netherlands town of Soesterberg, home of the Desdemona device. Desdemona is a unique simulator with a non-hexapod motion base used for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft operational training and research. The device can mimic the movements of an aircraft on a 1:1 basis and while a significant application has been Dutch F-16 fighter training, the device can also boast of civil airline application in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) programmes. 

US Army Dothan Visit Report – MS&T visits the new Dothan Training Center near Fort Rucker, Alabama. The Center provides classroom, simulator, and live-flying training for Army fixed-wing aviators, and of particular note is the adoption of highly advanced simulator technologies. 


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