Issue 3/2018

Advertising Deadline – 13th June 2018
Publication Date – 4th July 2018

The Classroom: Relic or Still Relevant? Has the traditional chalk-and-talk of the classroom instructor been relegated to irrelevancy by apps and avatars? Or is the experience still meaningful through incorporation of smart classroom technology and data-driven personalized learning? MS&T Group Editor Marty Kauchak explores the role of today’s classroom in the training curriculum.

Wanted: Adversary Dogfighters – The US Air Force, US Navy/Marine Corps, and UK are all aggressively seeking contractor-supported adversary air capabilities to fly live training sorties against blue-force fighter aircraft. MS&T Europe Editor Dim Jones reviews the contenders for the USAF Combat Air Forces AdAir, UK ASDOT, and other procurements of red-force aircraft with top-gun pilots.

Appointment: Annapolis – The US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland has been training officers for the US Navy and the US Marine Corps since 1845. Robert Moorman follows up his MS&T report on the US Military Academy (West Point) and the US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs) with an examination of modern cadet development – from Congressional appointment letter to graduation commissioning.

US Navy Sailor 2025 Status Check – Sailor 2025 is focused on three core pillars – Personnel System Modernization; Career Readiness; Ready, Relevant Learning (RRL) … training delivered via computer and mobile platforms. MS&T’s Chuck Weirauch updates.

Rotary-Wing Training Transition – The continuing transition to new avionics, new helicopter training aircraft, tilt-rotors, autonomous aircraft, pilot shortages, and a desire to accelerate the Future Vertical Lift program are driving increasing activity in the rotary-wing training market in the US, Europe and elsewhere. MS&T Editor Rick Adams looks at recent developments and modernization wish lists.

Swiss Precision – MS&T Europe Editor Dim Jones reports on the Levels of Fidelity VI (LoF VI) conference in Walenstadt, Switzerland on conceptual requirements and technical advances in the arena of live simulation. Also, a look at RUAG’s contracted support to the Swiss Army and a site visit to Pilatus aircraft in Stans.

Blockchain – Applying Bitcoin Technology to Military Training – The technology underlying the volatile “bitcoin” market is claimed to be a “virtually incorruptible” digital ledger, not just of financial transactions but anything of value. Blockchain essentially stores blocks of information across its peer-to-peer network, which cannot be controlled by any single entity. MS&T Editor Rick Adams looks at emerging applications of blockchain technology in training and simulation.

ITEC Report – MS&T Europe Editor Dim Jones and MS&T Editor Rick Adams report from the 28th edition of ITEC, the international forum for the military simulation, training and education community. This year’s event is in Stuttgart, Germany.

Global Military Flight Simulator Census – The annual update of trainer hardware resources worldwide.

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