Issue 6/2019 (I/ITSEC Show Issue)

Advertising Deadline – 4th November 2019
Publication Date – 22nd November 2019

US Futures Command An exclusive MS&T interview with MG Maria Gervais, who leads the Synthetic Training Environment Cross-Functional Team, and an overview of the US Army’s modernization efforts. By Group Editor Marty Kauchak.

ETPS – Part II – The second in a series by Europe Editor Dim Jones on the transformation of the UK Empire Test Pilots’ School.

NSTXL, OTAs and the New Procurement – The National Security Technology Accelerator, the use of Other Transactional Authority mechanisms, and the innovative projects being fast-tracked. By MS&T Editor in Chief Rick Adams

Promises and Pitfalls of X-Realities (Augmented, Virtual, Mixed) – US Editor Chuck Weirauch looks at what’s working thus far, and which technologies need further development. 

Moody Suter and the Warrior Prep Center – USAF COL Richard “Moody” Suter was a driving force behind Red Flag, Blue Flag, and other LVC-style exercises. Rick Adams profiles. 

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