Issue 2/2019

Advertising Deadline – 11th April 2019
Publication Date – 3rd May 2019

Closing in on the LVC Holy Grail Insights from industry leaders on efforts to provide true interoperability during Live-Virtual-Constructive events. Group Editor Marty Kauchak integrates their observations.

NSTXL, OTAs and the New Era of Procurement – Traditional procurement models and timeframes cannot keep up with the pace of technology change. Editor Rick Adams looks at the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL), the Other Transactional Authority (OTA) model, and other emerging concepts to speed development of training innovation.

After They’ve Served: Veteran Training Options When They Come Home – Robert Moorman looks at government and private opportunities for returning service personnel. 

The Brexit Effect on UK, EU and NATO Training – If/when the UK leaves the European Union, there will be disruption to long-established defence collaborations. Europe Editor Dim Jones looks at some of the likely impacts on training visions and programmes. 

Moody Suter’s vision: Red Flag, Blue Flag and the Warrior Preparation Center – Colonel “Moody” Suter developed the iconic Red Flag exercises and later the USAFE Warrior Preparation Center at Einsiedlerhof Air Station, Germany. Editor Rick Adams talks with WPC leaders.

Pulling Gs … Humans in the Centrifuge Loop – The UK RAF and Thales opened a new High G training facility for Typhoon and F35 pilots at RAF Cranwell. Europe Editor Dim Jones took a spin. Chuck Weirauch reports on other High G capabilities in the US and Europe.

Getting Training Right – Europe Editor Dim Jones visited the BAE Training Simulation Integration Facility at Wharton for an inside look at the company’s latest R&D initiatives. 

The Best Simulation Training Capability in the World? – The Royal Australian Navy has a suite of nine simulators supporting a fleet of 24 MH60R helicopters. Kate Warner visited the site at HMAS Albatross in Nowra at the invitation of CAE.

Hazor, the Israeli Air Force Simulation Center – Tens of thousands of sorties are flown in IAF simulators. Arie Egozi is granted rate access to the training airbase, including a conversation with BG Ammon Ein-Dar, Head of the Training and Doctrine Division.

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