Recognizing Excellence

MS&T’s Simulation and Training Awards Program is designed to showcase the people, products, processes, and organizations that provide exceptional value to our military clients. There are many metrics to describe value, but the underlying principle is that value ultimately resides in how well the client is enabled to achieving their goals. Value is about outcomes and is often expressed in terms of change in areas such as resource use, effectiveness, efficiency, time, access, or readiness, or even capability. 

How It Works

Nominations for awards in each of the award categories will be sought during the nomination period. Guidance for submissions is included in the detailed descriptions for each category. MS&T welcomes all industry readers to submit a nomination for any or all categories should your company meet the criteria and guidelines for each award. A separate standalone submission is required for each award consideration. Nominations for 2020 are now open. The final deadline to receive all submissions is Friday, May 15 at 9pm UTC/5pm EDT.

A panel of MS&T editors will evaluate the submissions for each category. Care will be taken to ensure that “conflict of interest” situations do not arise. For each category, the panel will assess each submission against the criteria outlined for each category. The assessment will be based solely on the qualitative and quantitative data submitted. The panel will select up to three finalists in each category. Should the panel determine there are too few quality entries in any category to support an award, MS&T reserves the right to not propose a slate of finalists.

Winners selected via Readers’ Choice
MS&T print, digital and newsletter subscribers will be asked to select the winner of each category by voting online for the best finalist in each category. The voting period and directions will be announced by email. Voters will be able to review finalists’ edited submission summaries prior to casting their ballot. MS&T editors will prepare the summaries.

Finalists in each category will receive a plaqueThe Winners in each category will receive a crystal award trophy and a featured position in the Awards issue of MS&T, publishing on August 10, 2020. Awards will be presented during I/ITSEC via invitations by MS&T staff.

The award winners are voted for by the S&T community, so they represent a true ‘peer review’ of those chosen in each category. All the nominees, especially those selected as finalists and winners deserve our heartiest congratulations as they all reflect many years of service and dedication to their countries’ armed forces. – MS&T Publisher Andrew P. Smith

Please direct awards program questions to Holly Foster at