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A Platform for Cyber Mission Training

The Army’s new Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) will facilitate training in the fog of cyber warfare. Robert W. Moorman investigates the initiative. While its creation will address an urgent need, the program’s name is a bit confusing:...  Read more

Clouds on the S&T Horizon

Group Editor Marty Kauchak provides an overview of the US Defense Department’s quickening pace of developing cloud-enabled training and education capabilities. The US Defense Department is doing nothing less than disrupting current concepts of anytime,...  Read more

Australian Air Force to receive DA40 aircraft 

Australian Air Force cadets will benefit from the arrival of eight Diamond DA40 NG light aircraft to help them with their flight training. The Minister for Defence Personnel Darren Chester said, “Over the next ten years these aircraft will provide a...  Read more

Saab receives order to expand Saab GAMER

Saab received an order from the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Defence to expand the Czech’s instrumented Saab GAMER laser-based training capability. Deliveries of the new system will start in the end of 2019 and continue during 2020. The order value...  Read more