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Ravenswood moves operations to Idaho

Ravenswood Solutions Inc. will be relocating the bulk of its operation from Fremont, California, to Boise, Idaho, in May of 2019. Ravenswood will better serve its largest client, the U.S. Army National Guard, at the nearby Orchard Combat Training Center...  Read more

NATO trains Tunisian Navy on maritime simulators

Tunisian Navy
Tunisian Navy officers improved their readiness at sea and knowledge on maritime modelling and simulation during a two-week training course held in March 2019 at the naval base La Goulette, Tunisia. The training was sponsored by the NATO Science for...  Read more

Exonicus, Kitware develop trauma simulator 

trauma simulator
Exonicus Inc. and Kitware have collaborated to develop a trauma simulator using the Pulse Physiology Engine. Exonicus Inc. has been creating a virtual reality emergency medicine training simulator for military medical personnel using the Unity game...  Read more