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Inzpire Limited wins human factors contract

Inzpire Limited won a contract to continue providing airmanship and human factors training to ab-initio students in the UK Military Flying Training System. Inzpire’s Human Factors and Safety Division has provided this training to the UK military for...  Read more

RUAG Keeps Swiss Army Training on Time

The ‘conscripted militia’ model presents the Swiss Army with unique problems in training organisation and logistic support. Dim Jones reports. A recruit undertakes initial training of 18 weeks, and is thereafter required to undertake eight annual...  Read more

AVT Simulation wins CCTT PDSS contract

AVT Simulation (Applied Visual Technology) won a U.S. Army Contracting Command contract for Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) Post Deployment, Software Support (PDSS) through 2023. The CCTT PDSS contract supports the world’s largest ground combat...  Read more