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Inzpire Selected to Validate Wildcat Helicopter Sims

Wildcat helicopter
UK-based Inzpire Limited has been selected to continue its assurance work on the Wildcat helicopter simulators that are currently used by British Army, Royal Marines and Royal Navy aircrew. The contract will see an Inzpire test pilot, working alongside...  Read more

I-MILES IWS Contract Orders

Cubic Global Defense has been awarded new contract orders worth nearly $20 million for its Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System Individual Weapon Systems (I-MILES IWS) from the US Army’s Program Executive Office for...  Read more

£11 Million Trainer Contract Extension

Lockheed Martin image of solider in simulation - £11 Million
The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is investing an additional £11 million for the virtual training system used to prepare British Army soldiers for battle and has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract extension to continue its support for the Combined Arms...  Read more


Wargaming - Connections UK
The wargaming community met at Connections UK 2015 in September supporting the revival of wargaming (Kriegspiel) as a vital tool in training, education and analysis. Gareth Davies reports. Wargaming, an important and longstanding form of training and...  Read more

The Return of Large Scale NATO Exercises

NATO Soldiers
Group Editor Marty Kauchak previews the scenario and industry participation strategy for NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015. As this issue was being published NATO staff offices and alliance nations were starting the early phases of Exercise Trident...  Read more