Outstanding Innovative Product

This award recognizes innovative products that provide enhanced value to the military client’s education, training or human performance domains. The category includes products such as instructional media, training devices or components, content development tools, analysis and evaluation tools and methods, and performance support.


CAE Predator Mission Trainer (PMT)

Jointly developed by CAE and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI), the PMT enables the Italian Air Force to train Predator A and Predator B/MQ-9 RPA pilots and sensor operators to conduct flight operations without further training on the actual aircraft. It is the highest-fidelity RPA simulator yet designed and has been formally qualified to Level D-equivalent standards by the Italian Ministry of Defence’s Directorate of Air Armaments and Airworthiness (DAAA). Though some live training is performed currently, this ability to conduct all or most training in the PMT enables the Italian Air Force to maximize availability of their Predator fleet for operational use and delivers optimal efficiency for training throughput.

For more: https://www.cae.com/media/media-center/documents/DM104-PredatorMissionTrainer_ENG_September2019.pdf

Outstanding Innovative Product – CAE Predator Mission Trainer. Image credit: CAE.


Cubic Engage KOV-135

Cubic developed the Engage KOV-135 to protect the transmission of classified data for both legacy air combat maneuvering instrumentation (ACMI) and Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Air Combat Training Systems. Enage KOV-135 is an NSA-certified End Cryptographic Unit (ECU) developed to solve the information-assurance deficiency for embedment in an Air Combat Training System (ACTS) pod while adhering to training CONOPS. Training in a secure environment allows all participants to fully exercise their combat systems without divulging sensitive information to potential adversaries.

For more: https://www.cubic.com/news-events/news/cubics-engage-kov-135-end-cryptographic-unit-receives-nsa-certification

SAIC MicroEngage

Developed to meet contractual compliance training requirements, MicroEngage breaks the “compliance training as a binge event” paradigm. The approach allows employees to receive customized training for only those concepts for which they were not able to demonstrate mastery, saving time, money, and learner sanity. Key elements are short (1-3 minute) learning episodes, performance-based outcomes, targeted communication strategies, and performance-focused learning assessment.

More at: https://www.saic.com/features/Improve-Training-Outcomes-with-MicroEngage

Honorable Mentions

  • Aechelon Technology: ATBOS
  • Applied Research Associates, Virtual Heroes Division: Assimilation of Sources for a Cohesive Environment Description project (ASCEND)
  • Barco: FL/FS40 4K – Barco Pulse projection systems
  • Concurrent Real-Time: RedHawk Linux 7.5
  • Modest Tree: Modest3D Xplorer
  • Presagis: Velocity
  • SimCentric Technologies: SAF-Foresight
  • Virtual Marine: Ice Management Simulator



Area9 Lyceum

Bagira Systems


Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Diamond Visionics

Epic Games

Metova Federal, LLC (CyberCENTS)

Q4 Services


Real-Time Innovations

Saab AB

SAIC and Auburn University

Sensoryx AG

Slitherine Software UK Ltd.


Visual Purple