Outstanding Training System Integration Project

This Award recognizes projects that have designed, developed, integrated and delivered complex training systems with a delivery date within the last three years.

Training systems integration projects are shaped by client needs, and thus the span of system components can vary – from an integrated technical suite to that plus add-ons such as courseware and management systems. Technical and project management challenges increase with the complexity and number of subsystems and components and suppliers contributing to the solution.

An outstanding training system integration project is one that has not only met or exceeded the project success criteria, but one that provides exceptional value to the client. Value is considered as the positive impacts on the client organization or environment.

Submission Guidelines
To qualify, nominations must:

  • Be submitted by the system integrator;
  • Be for a system that has been delivered since 1 Jan 2017; 
  • Include a description of the project, not to exceed 500 words, that clearly states the purpose and scope of the project and conveys the breadth and depth of the system;
  • Include quantitative and qualitative measures of the success of the project;
  • Include an assessment of the perceived impact of the project, and its results, on the client’s organization;
  • May include client testimonials;
  • Include a completed release statement; and
  • Be received by the deadline.

Security and Confidentiality
Access to submissions will be on a “need to know basis”, however submitters should be aware there is no facility to handle data from Official Use Only, and higher categories at the national, NATO and other levels, and draft their submissions accordingly. All submissions will be destroyed within one month of the final awards. Submitters should identify data that has “commercial sensitivity”.

Tip Sheet: For further guidance on what makes a quality submission, click here. [opens in a new tab]

Evaluation Criteria
For this award, the main criteria for the success of the project reside in the execution of the project, and in the value, that is, the positive impact of the project on the client.

  1. Project Execution: Project Management literature suggests that project sponsors are predominately concerned with meeting the three targets; technical performance, cost and duration. Technical performance is often broken down into scope and quality. Projects that fully meet the needs and expectations of the project’s clients, participants and stakeholders (internal and external) as defined in the project scope, within budget and time constraints will be considered successful. Projects with scope that exhibits more complexity as indicated by the numbers of subsystems and components and suppliers contributing to the solution will be rated higher. Innovative solutions will add even more weight.
  2. Value: Ultimately, the purpose of any training system integration project is to provide value to the client. The impact of the project and its results can be expressed in many ways, depending on the training, capability and resources gaps the project is intended to close. 

Submissions exhibiting higher value to the client will be weighted higher. 

Who may nominate for an award?
Any training system integrator may nominate a project for this award. 

Making a Submission

  1. Using the guidelines in the template for your category, create a draft of your submission. Keep in mind the tips.
  2. Finalize your draft.
  3. When you are satisfied that your submission is complete, copy and paste the content into the forms of the template.
  4. You will not be able to edit on line once the submission is made. Check everything again.
  5. Submit using the button on the bottom of the form
  6. In the remote event you have changes to make you will be required to completely resubmit. The version with the most recent time stamp before the closing date will be accepted. 
  7. Submissions/versions time stamped after the closing date/time will not be considered.