Outstanding Training System Integration Project

This award recognizes projects that have designed, developed, integrated and delivered complex training systems with a delivery date within the past three years. An outstanding training system integration project is one that has not only met or exceeded the project success criteria but also provides exceptional value to the client as the positive impacts on the client organization or environment.


ST Engineering / Defence Science & Technology Agency: Littoral Mission Vessel Simulation Centre (LMV SimCen)

The LMV SimCen comprises two immersive 360-degree screened halls. Each is built around a full mock-up of the LMV Integrated Command Centre (ICC), allowing simultaneous training in navigation, engineering and warfare domains. It also incorporates virtual reality to offer berthing training for the ships’ crew. The scope of the project included the design, development, construction, testing and delivery of two LMV Simulators with: a high-fidelity simulated ICC; instructor operating station; a 360-degree projection visual system featuring 15 high-definition projectors and a continuous screen (4.1m height by 25m diameter); VR system; computer-generated forces; a sound system that produces sounds resulting from weather, as well as ambient, ownship and weapon sounds: and an After Action Review system. The project required the integration of the depth and breadth of bridge, combat and engineering systems into a single simulation with more than 30 systems integrated or their effects simulated in every possible scenario. Since its opening, LMV SimCen has enabled ship teams to reduce training time by up to 60%.

For more: https://www.mindef.gov.sg/web/portal/pioneer/article/regular-article-detail/milestones/2018-Q3/26sep18_news

Outstanding Training System Integration Project – ST Engineering / DSTA Littoral Mission Vessel Simulation Centre. Image credit: Ministry of Defence, Singapore.


CAE RAN MH-60R Training Systems

In 2011, the Royal Australian Navy became the first international customer for the US Navy’s MH60R Seahawk through the US foreign military sale process. CAE was subcontracted by the US Navy through an FMS contract to provide the RAN with a comprehensive suite of training systems to support both aircrew and maintenance training, as well as to provide onsite training support services. The RAN wanted its MH60R training systems to be capable of delivering the aircrew and maintenance training syllabus 70% synthetic, 30% live. For a naval helicopter as complex as the MH60R “Romeo”, which includes a wide range of sensor suites and anti-submarine warfare capabilities, this was a challenge. Following delivery of aircrew and maintenance MH60R training devices to HMAS Albatross, CAE USA was contracted to provide onsite training support services to the RAN.

For more: https://www.cae.com/defence-security/who-we-train/helicopter


In 2018 DiSTI delivered the Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM) Land-Based Phalanx Weapon System (LPWS) Operator and Maintainer Trainer (OMT) to the US Army. C-RAM has several systems that detect, warn, respond, intercept, control, shape and protect deployed forces. The virtual training system is designed to train air defense artillery teams on the procedures for operating and maintaining this complex weapons system in a safe and controlled environment while delivering an immersive and engaging student experience. The final delivery consisted of three classrooms with up to 21 Student Stations with an Instructor Operator System within the US and over 30 ruggedized field-delivered laptops – providing options for a traditional classroom training environment as well as meeting the demand for mobile remedial or refresher training in the field – a first of its kind training for the US Army.

For more: https://disti.com



Bagira Systems

Elbit Systems

Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS)

Meggitt Training Systems

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