Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application – NEW 2019 CATEGORY

This award recognizes the innovative use of VR/AR/MR technologies to develop effective and efficient training and performance support interventions. Application of VR/AR/MR spans a broad continuum ranging from individual and team training to individual and team performance support.


Reiser Simulation and Training MR Training for Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

This mixed-reality (MR) solution is used for training the Medical Crew Member (MCM) onboard a Level D Helicopter Full Flight Simulator. The simulator is based at NCCH in Stavanger, Norway and is used for pilot and crew training of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) missions. The MCM wears a MetaVision Meta 2 MR goggle which allows him to “see-through” the goggle while communicating with the flight crew and operating onboard equipment, and be presented the virtual outdoor scene when looking outside the opened cabin door or the helicopter windows. The AR device enables him to perform all MCM mission duties from clearing the rear part of the helicopter when landing in confined areas as well as observing any hand signals given by the Rescue Man attached to the rope underneath the helicopter. Training is enhanced by a night-vision mode. The new MR capability enables training of both pilots and medical crew members within the same training session.

For more: https://reiser-st.com/h145-helicopter.html

Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application – Reiser Simulation and Training MR Training for Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. Image credit: Reiser.


Modest Tree Modest3D Xplorer

Modest3D Xplorer is Modest Tree’s software for rapid creation of 3D presentations able to be published directly to the desktop, virtual reality, or mobile. Xplorer allows any user to rapidly create immersive experiences that multiple users can access simultaneously across multiple platforms. For example, one person could be in virtual reality, one on mobile, and another on PC – all in different physical locations, and the experience will be seamless for all. Collaborative digital experiences are created with ease.

For more: https://modesttree.com/xplorer

Vertex Solutions AC-130U Virtual Reality Part Task Trainer (vrPTT)

Vertex’s vrPTT is a scalable, networkable, and easily updated system that supports checklist and emergency procedure training for AC-130U co-pilots. The vrPTT transitions training from expensive high-demand/low-density full-motion simulators and operational aircraft to low-cost, portable virtual and mixed reality training stations. Each vrPTT station’s hardware consists of a laptop computer, head-mounted display (HMD), and an infrared sensor that tracks the position and motion of all 10 fingers; MR versions also include COTS yoke, pedals, and throttles. An intelligent tutoring system (ITS) tracks and stores student performance data, conducts automated performance analysis and evaluation and provides real-time, student-specific training remediation and feedback.
For more: https://www.vertexsolutions.com/vertexsolutions/virtual-reality

Honorable Mentions

  • Design Interactive: AUGMENTOR
  • Immerse: Multi-Voice VR solution
  • Ryan Aerospace: HELIMOD Mark III
  • Virtual Simulation Systems: Enhanced Landing Safety Officer PartTask Trainer (ELSOPTT)



Brunner Elektronik AG

Dignitas Technologies, LLC

Sensoryx AG

SimiGon, Inc.