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Game Based Leadership Training

How game-based training and assessment helps the IDF grow better future leaders. Ran Rimon writes. Major D. was staring at the penguin for what seemed like forever. The penguin stared back, and the seasoned officer was beginning to feel a tinge of...  Read more

Mobile devices & defense learning

Group editor Marty Kauchak reports on the opportunity to take mobile devices for military learners to a higher level of capability and utility.  Mobile devices are delivering increasingly more content to learners across the US Defense Department. The...  Read more

Saab wins UK contract for TES

Saab AB has announced the award of a contract for the provision of Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) to the U.K.’s Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick. British Army infantry recruits will now use Saab’s Next Generation TES capability during...  Read more