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ITEC 2015

ITEC 2015
ITEC 2015 – The exhibition was judged excellent in most aspects, but the conference was dogged by crosstalk. MS&T’s Europe Editor Dim Jones writes. The 2015 Clarion Events ITEC Exhibition and Conference, the 26th edition, took place at the...  Read more

The European Defence Agency

Set up to promote research, collaboration, and the European defence industrial base, the EDA recently celebrated its first decade. Walter F. Ullrich writes. The European Defence Agency (EDA) celebrated its 10th anniversary at its premises in Brussels,...  Read more

Flight Training Contract

flight training
Erickson Incorporated has contracted with Chilcott Inc. to provide flight training for the Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya (FAU or Uruguayan Air Force) helicopter pilots. The training will be conducted entirely in Spanish and under the agreement, Erickson pilot...  Read more

Boeing Completes CRVS Installations at F-22 MTCs

This October Boeing announced it completed its upgrade of all US Air Force F-22 Raptor Mission Training Centers with its high fidelity Constant Resolution Visual System (CRVS). The system up enhancement will permit Raptor pilots to more realistically...  Read more

Sea Changes for Aegis Training

The US Navy’s Aegis missile system training program is evolving and with good reason. The threat sets, including ballistic missiles, against which the Aegis system is designed, have gotten faster and deadlier. At the same time, other nations’ naval...  Read more


In the margins of my recent foray to the Deep South (Portsmouth, that is, not New Orleans), I took the opportunity to visit two of the smaller companies with close ties to the S&T industry. The first was Portsmouth-based Novatech, which specialises...  Read more