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A Contender with Hawk T2

The stakes in the US T-X programme are high; and the Hawk T2 is being put forth as a contender. MS&T’s Dim Jones provides a programme update and an inside look at the Hawk training system. In MS&T Issue 1 of 2010, I wrote about the new...  Read more

S&T Beyond the Budget Topline

There has been some hyperbole and much drama in the mass-media analysis of the 2015 US defense budget request. Lost to most observers are the new and continuing opportunities for the S&T industry in this same budget document, Group Editor Marty...  Read more

Drive on Moscow

In this feature, MS&T’s Michael Peck reviews games, with a focus on those that approach an intersection with military training. Tablets and defense simulations have had a troubled history. In theory, there should be a perfect match. Tablets offer...  Read more

Interesting Times

During I/ITSEC 2013, MS&T Group Editor Marty Kauchak explored issues of interest to the S&T community with executives from Rockwell Collins, L-3 link Simulation and Training, and FlightSafety International. He reports. The largest single military...  Read more

Ready For Operation

Swiss Army Base
The Swiss army will be well served for decades to come as RUAG hands over the keys to the well proven SIM KIUG simulation platform. Walter F. Ullrich writes On October 4, 2013, Urs Breitmeier, CEO of RUAG Holding AG, and Oliver Meyer, Vice President...  Read more

Search and Rescue (SAR)

MS&T’s Dim Jones describes training at the UK SAR Training Unit, a part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School, and observes the end of an era. The RAF’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Force was created in February 1941, following a meeting convened by...  Read more