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An Interview with Josh Jackson

SAIC’s Vice President, Training and Simulation, Technical & Engineering Services Group speaks with Group Editor Marty Kauchak Josh Jackson leads SAIC’s training and simulation service line within the Technical & Engineering Services Group. He...  Read more

Enabling the Pacific Pivot

Pacific Pivot - 130903-N-YU572-02
Group Editor Marty Kauchak provides an update on the US military’s rebalance to the Pacific and examines the services’ efforts to maintain the training readiness of its regional forces. The US’s Strategic Pivot to the Pacific, also known as the...  Read more

P-8 Training System Takes Flight

  Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports on the US Navy’s rapidly evolving P-8A training system and status of training programs for international customers of the new aircraft. The US Navy’s replacement platform for the P-3C Orion, the P-8A...  Read more

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  In this new feature, MS&T’s Michael Peck reviews games, with a focus on those that approach an intersection with military training. Why, you ask, would anyone suggest a video game of humans vs. aliens for military training? Why a game of...  Read more

What Is It Like Being Red?

MS&T’s Dim Jones participates in a Red Force sortie in one of the series Exercise Carbon Copy, in which a force of friendly Typhoons takes on a composite enemy force. On a ramp a few hundred yards from the passenger terminal at Durham Tees Valley...  Read more

Bold Alligator (BA) 13

Bold Alligator 13
A boost for higher level staff training: Bold Alligator (BA) 13 allowed US amphibious units and staffs, and their international partners to strengthen their mission sets in a synthetic environment, Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports.    The US...  Read more