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Bold Alligator (BA) 13

Bold Alligator 13
A boost for higher level staff training: Bold Alligator (BA) 13 allowed US amphibious units and staffs, and their international partners to strengthen their mission sets in a synthetic environment, Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports.    The US...  Read more

National Aerospace Surveillance and Control

RAF Boulmer monitors the UK Air Defence Region – and despatches air assets as required. MS&T’s Dim Jones describes the aerospace surveillance and control system and the folks who man it. On the Northumberland coast, roughly midway between the two...  Read more

Mark McGraw – Q&A

Boeing’s Vice President of Training Systems and Government Services, Global Services & Support was interviewed by Group Editor Marty Kauchak on June 19, 2013. The content of this wide-ranging interview is provided in its entirety. MS&T: Good...  Read more

Command Ops: Battles for Greece

Command Ops
  MS&T’s Michael Peck test-drives Panther Games’ recently released ‘Command Ops: Battles for Greece’. Where is the line between game and simulation? For military training and education games, that’s the ultimate question. The...  Read more

By Teaching We Learn

Docendo discimus – it was the Roman philosopher and statesman Seneca who provided the motto and guiding principle for the Czech University of Defence (UoD) in Brno. Walter F Ullrich writes. The institution was established less than a decade ago in...  Read more

C-130 Training Enhancements

Aspiring and current aircrews and maintainers of C-130 aircraft in the US and in other nations benefit frrom new technologies and other training enablers, reports Group Editor Marty Kauchak. The C130 is ubiquitous. All told, Lockheed Martin has delivered...  Read more