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Facing Down New Budget Realities

Facing Down New Budget Realities  Group Editor Marty Kauchak, with files from Chris Lehman, Dim Jones, Jeff Loube and Walter F. Ullrich, reports on their discussions with industry leaders at the 2012 I/ITSEC exploring the opportunities and challenges of...  Read more

2012 I/ITSEC

Chris Lehman, editor, and editorial staff members Jeff Loube, Dim Jones, Walter Ullrich, Chuck Weirauch and Marty Kauchak, provide highlights from the 2012 I/ITSEC exhibition floor, community events and special sessions. The official theme of I/ITSEC...  Read more

Defeating the IED Network

Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports on developments in live and virtual training domains that train soldiers to counter threat of improvised explosive devices.    The 11-year effort to defeat the Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) threat in...  Read more

Modernize the System: Modernize the Training

The changing threat environment has prompted modernization of air defense systems and their associated training systems. Chuck Weirauch reports. Air threats to ground based assets are arising in unexpected places, and from new sources. It’s a...  Read more