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What Is It Like Being Red?

MS&T’s Dim Jones participates in a Red Force sortie in one of the series Exercise Carbon Copy, in which a force of friendly Typhoons takes on a composite enemy force. On a ramp a few hundred yards from the passenger terminal at Durham Tees Valley...  Read more

Bold Alligator (BA) 13

Bold Alligator 13
A boost for higher level staff training: Bold Alligator (BA) 13 allowed US amphibious units and staffs, and their international partners to strengthen their mission sets in a synthetic environment, Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports.    The US...  Read more

National Aerospace Surveillance and Control

RAF Boulmer monitors the UK Air Defence Region – and despatches air assets as required. MS&T’s Dim Jones describes the aerospace surveillance and control system and the folks who man it. On the Northumberland coast, roughly midway between the two...  Read more

Mark McGraw – Q&A

Boeing’s Vice President of Training Systems and Government Services, Global Services & Support was interviewed by Group Editor Marty Kauchak on June 19, 2013. The content of this wide-ranging interview is provided in its entirety. MS&T: Good...  Read more

Command Ops: Battles for Greece

Command Ops
  MS&T’s Michael Peck test-drives Panther Games’ recently released ‘Command Ops: Battles for Greece’. Where is the line between game and simulation? For military training and education games, that’s the ultimate question. The...  Read more

By Teaching We Learn

Docendo discimus – it was the Roman philosopher and statesman Seneca who provided the motto and guiding principle for the Czech University of Defence (UoD) in Brno. Walter F Ullrich writes. The institution was established less than a decade ago in...  Read more