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Varjo releases video-pass-through headset XR – 1

Varjo Technologies has developed a new headset named XR-1 Developer Edition. Shipping XR-1 to mixed reality developers, designers and researchers is expected in the second half of 2019. The XR-1 is capable of delivering photorealistic image quality with...  Read more

Bluedrop to deliver HMTS to Royal Canadian Air Force

Bluedrop Performance Learning (Bluedrop) and its subsidiary Bluedrop Training & Simulation will deliver another Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS) to the Royal Canadian Air Force 19 Wing Comox in addition to a similar CH-148 Cyclone simulator...  Read more

SMS3 brings together key stakeholders

A new Directorate of Simulation (DOS) was established at the Health Readiness Center of Excellence (HRCoE). The directorate is charged with coordinating and incorporating all medical simulation efforts across the full spectrum of medical and military...  Read more