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Overcoming Culture Block

Culture Block
Negative initial reaction to a person from another culture or race is apparently natural; indeed, it’s built into our brains. Rick Adams explores the challenge of overcoming differences in culture to work across global divides. “Our brains were built...  Read more

Naval Mine Warfare

Naval Mine
Naval mines can have an impact far beyond their cost. Europe Editor Dim Jones brushes up on the topic during a visit to MCM1 at Faslane. The first practical naval mine was invented by an American, David Bushnell, for use against the British in the...  Read more

From Monitors to Mobiles to Wearables

BATMAN 11 wearables
Instructors are being untethered, and visual displays are becoming the new fashion statement. Rick Adams looks at the evolution of visualization, motion refinement, and instructor mobility. When man first drew pictures of animals on the walls of a cave...  Read more

UAS Training 2.0

Group Editor Marty Kauchak journeyed to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico and reports on the US Air Force MQ-1 and -9 training programs. Kauchak also examines new developments in the UAS training domain. Unmanned aerial systems (UASs) are combat proven...  Read more

Gaming Ground

Gaming - Oculus Rift
Gaming technologies are improving exponentially; costs are coming down. MS&T’s Chuck Weirauch writes from GameTech with the latest. Attendance at the 2014 GameTech Defense Users Conference in Orlando was down from previous years, primarily due to...  Read more

Navies Go Virtual

Jan Matthiesen and Markus Schuppert describe the German Navy’s approach to fully integrated virtual total ship training The guideline underlying this article is the question why so far there is no complete virtual approach to fully integrated training...  Read more
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