Pioneer Award

The military S&T community plays an essential role in supporting military commanders’ development and maintenance of capability and readiness. Within the community there are individuals who have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate outstanding and significant technical and social leadership.  This Award recognizes their contribution to the military S&T community. 

Submission Guidelines
To qualify, nominations must:

  • Nominate an individual who has been active in the S&T community for over 10 years,
  • Include supporting information not to exceed 700 words,
  • May include testimonials,
  • Include the nominator’s contact information,
  • Include the nominee’s contact information, and
  • Be received by the deadline.

Security and Confidentiality
Access to submissions will be on a “need to know basis”, however submitters should be aware there is no facility to handle data from Official Use Only, and higher categories at the national, NATO and other levels, and draft their submissions accordingly. All submissions will be destroyed within one month of the final awards. Submitters should identify data that has “commercial sensitivity”.

Tip Sheet: For further guidance on what makes a quality submission, click here. [opens in a new tab]

Evaluation Criteria
Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria. :

  1. Respect of their peers; 
  2. Seniority of service in the community; 
  3. Past participation in S&T related committees, working groups, and/or special assignments;
  4. Maintaining an active and continuing presence in S&T related committees, working groups, and/or special assignments;
  5. Past and continuing contributions to international, national or regional events; 
  6. Significant contributions to the S&T knowledge base; and
  7. Past and present demonstrations of social leadership through activities such as mentoring, supporting education and STEM initiatives, and promoting professional development. 

Each criterion will be rated on a scale of 0-5 with the exceptions of criterion 1, which will be rated by the community vote. 

Who may nominate for an award?
Anyone may nominate for this award. 

Making a Submission

  1. Using the guidelines in the template for your category, create a draft of your submission. Keep in mind the tips.
  2. Finalize your draft.
  3. When you are satisfied that your submission is complete, copy and paste the content into the forms of the template.
  4. You will not be able to edit on line once the submission is made. Check everything again.
  5. Submit using the button on the bottom of the form
  6. In the remote event you have changes to make you will be required to completely resubmit. The version with the most recent time stamp before the closing date will be accepted. 
  7. Submissions/versions time stamped after the closing date/time will not be considered.