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Navies Go Virtual

Jan Matthiesen and Markus Schuppert describe the German Navy’s approach to fully integrated virtual total ship training The guideline underlying this article is the question why so far there is no complete virtual approach to fully integrated training...  Read more

Leading Change: A Critical Approach to Instruction

Dr. Anne Niccoli, Captain Dante Vinciguerra, and Master Chief Kevin Leask tell the story of three initiatives at the US Coast Guard Leadership Development Center (LDC) in New London, CT to infuse critical thinking: a senior enlisted course, a command...  Read more

Gearing Up for the Pacific Pivot

As the US turns its attention to the Pacific, the Services language and cultural centers are adjusting programs to reflect changing priorities. MS&T’s Chuck Weirauch writes. There seems to be much debate lately as to when or even if the US foreign...  Read more

Continental Training Connections

CAE Helicopter Sims
Europe’s collaborative helicopter training community is keeping current with its customers, adapting to new configurations and missions. Rick Adams visited key sites in France, Italy, and the UK for a look at the latest simulation technology. Under the...  Read more

Search and Rescue (SAR)

MS&T’s Dim Jones describes training at the UK SAR Training Unit, a part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School, and observes the end of an era. The RAF’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Force was created in February 1941, following a meeting convened by...  Read more

P-8 Training System Takes Flight

  Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports on the US Navy’s rapidly evolving P-8A training system and status of training programs for international customers of the new aircraft. The US Navy’s replacement platform for the P-3C Orion, the P-8A...  Read more