About MS&T Magazine

Military Simulation & Training (MS&T) magazine has been the leading simulation and training publication for the global defense industry for more than three decades. 

MS&T is characterized by high-quality, independent editorial content, created by an international team of editors and writers who apply their wealth of knowledge and industry experience to showcase issues and innovations which help world militaries shape their visions and identify best practices.

MS&T incorporates analytical features, industry news, conference previews and reports, and coverage of recent events. 

MS&T readership now includes subscribers of MTI (Military Training International) since its acquisition by Halldale Group in 2017.

MS&T is distributed in print, in digital copies and online via militarysimulation.training

Focused entirely on simulation and training in the military, MS&T magazine is produced by the Halldale Group, the world’s only dedicated simulation and training media and conferencing company.

About the Halldale Group

Halldale is a provider of B2B information to high value industries on the latest training and simulation theory and technology. Focusing on performance improvement as the key to safety, operational effectiveness and corporate efficiency. With thirty years plus focusnig on these topics and working with a team of business and editorial staff who have spent much of their careers as trainers, training equipment providers and professional writers focused on simulation and training.
Halldale produces three publications, associated newsletters and websites and has produced over 80 events globally building a database with a specific training and simulation focus that now exceeds 200,000 global contacts.
Halldale is rooted in three key areas defense, the airlines and healthcare and has an interest in all high value safety based enterprises.
Headquartered in the UK – Fleet and the USA – Orlando, Halldale has a network of content providers across the world and across specialisations.

The goal of its business is to support high value, high risk industries and their employees improve skills, teamwork and outcomes.


Distributed to readers in over 148 countries around the globe, MS&T is the perfect platform to raise awareness about your business, safe in the knowledge that your message will be seen by industry influencers and decision-makers.