Small Business of the Year

This award recognizes exemplary small businesses in the military S&T domain. Our definition of a small business is “a non-subsidiary, independent firm that employs fewer than 50 employees.” An exemplary small business leverages human capital, innovation and agility to grow and meet client needs, while cultivating a growing technical and social influence in the community.



Founded in 2005, Simthetiq specializes in the development of immersive 3D simulation solutions for the military and civil aviation industries. With just under 50 full-time employees, Simthetiq’s portfolio includes two major product lines – the X1 Library, the MS&T industry’s largest, independent, cross-platform 3D content library of simulation entity models and synthetic terrain environments (3000+ entities and 300+ terrains and counting) and the X2 Visual System (a Level D-certified image generator in operation around the world). Underpinned by significant capstone customers and contracts, Simthetiq’s sustained growth, accompanied by a steady order book for the next five years, has allowed them to aggressively pursue business in new markets such as Australia, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

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Cervus Defence and Security

Cervus Defence and Security was founded in January 2014. Cervus harvests, stores, analyses and visualises simulation data to inform force development and training. Data science techniques, cloud-based analytics and novel capture methods enable military customers to make use of their untapped but insightful collective training data. Since inception, Cervus is developing bespoke analytics to existing COTS CGF products for the USMC. With the British Army, Cervus is a component of the Collective Training Transformation Programme whilst simultaneously providing them with a unique LVC-based experimentation service, informing most of the major Land Force Development programmes. For the Dutch Army, Cervus is exploiting live training data to inform the development of their new brigade structures.

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Close Air Solutions

Close Air Solutions (CAS) was set up to meet the need of more cost-effective and accessible simulation for the Joint Fires user. In 2016 CAS invested in new alternatives to the legacy simulator training solutions, with the aim of providing more effective and realistic training solutions. Mixed Reality training offers the potential to replicate and enhance the complexity and dynamism of a broad spectrum of operational scenarios. The initial target is to reduce the requirement for live fast-jet assets to support operational training using CAS’ Hyper Real Immersion (HRI) capability. CAS is one of only four companies to have secured matched funding from the MoD in a pioneering partnership approach to capability development.

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Honorable Mention

  • Ryan Aerospace: Designer and builder of modular and reconfigurable helicopter simulators for military and civilian applications


Remograph AB

SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc.

Slitherine Software UK Ltd.