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Bublar Group to deliver VR training programmes

Bublar Group subsidiary Vobling has received an order from Saab to develop VR training programmes on an airborne surveillance product. The module will include a complete training environment that facilitates tasks and procedures. It will also keep track...  Read more

VT MAK Releases RadarFX 1.4

VT MAK has released RadarFX 1.4, a server that produces SAR images of a simulated environment that can be populated with simulation activity. This system allows users to develop training applications for reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting that...  Read more

BISim Announces Significant Growth and VBS4

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) announced significant growth as it heads into the last quarter of 2019. The new contract awards and partnership agreements represent a combination of new customers and expansion of existing relationships. BISim...  Read more

VirTra to Unveil Ultra High Definition Simulator

VirTra Inc. will debut its Ultra High Definition 300-degree immersive training simulator, which combines five state-of-the-art laser-based 4K projectors, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference from October 26-29, 2019. VirTra...  Read more