MetaVR visuals in two demos at ITEC - Military Simulation & Training

MetaVR visuals in two demos at ITEC

two demos

MetaVR visuals are part of two demos at ITEC in stand ID30 with PLEXSYS Interface Products and ZedaSoft. ITEC 2019 is held May 14-16, in Stockholm, Sweden.

MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG), 3D terrain, and 3D models will be featured in PLEXSYS’ demo of its newest product, Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7. ASCOT is a real-time interactive computer-generated forces (CGF) platform with a modular and scalable environment generator, and a comprehensive and extensible database for easily managing the entire battlespace in robust M&S environments.

MetaVR visuals and 3D terrain are also being featured in stand ID30 in ZedaSoft’s demos of its MiLToC role player man-in-the loop simulation software. This demo, which leverages PLEXSYS’ ASCOT platform, shows how MiLToC enables users to transfer entities from a constructive simulation like ASCOT to a ZedaSoft virtual cockpit simulation, with MetaVR visuals, using the DIS v6 protocol.