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Boeing Completes CRVS Installations at F-22 MTCs

This October Boeing announced it completed its upgrade of all US Air Force F-22 Raptor Mission Training Centers with its high fidelity Constant Resolution Visual System (CRVS). The system up enhancement will permit Raptor pilots to more realistically...  Read more


In the margins of my recent foray to the Deep South (Portsmouth, that is, not New Orleans), I took the opportunity to visit two of the smaller companies with close ties to the S&T industry. The first was Portsmouth-based Novatech, which specialises...  Read more

T-X: The Reveal

On 20th March, the USAF published the requirements for the Advanced Pilot Training Family of Systems (APT FoS) – aka T-X – to replace the ageing T-38. MS&T’s Dim Jones assesses the impact of key performance characteristics. These were...  Read more

DWT M&S Symposium

The symposium addressed current modelling and simulation issues. Walter F. Ullrich reports. The Centre for Studies and Conferences (SGW), an affiliate of the German Association for Defence Technology (DWT), organised another symposium on modelling and...  Read more

Pony-tailed Warriors?

Cyber Security in the future
Future wars may not be fought with boots on the ground or missile-firing drones. Rather, they may be waged through eyes on the screen and fingers on the keyboard. Rick Adams reports on some challenges of finding and developing cyberwarriors. World War...  Read more

Collaborative Medical

The new NMMAST Program Office is advancing Navy medical simulation through collaboration with the Air Force. Chuck Weirauch explains. The US Military Health System’s (MHS) Defense Health Agency (DHA) is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency...  Read more