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Two Views

The S&T procurement horizon is examined through two prisms – in the US through 2013 TSIS and in Europe through an examination of policy initiatives in France and Austria. Chuck Weirauch and Walter F. Ullrich report. TSIS 2013 It was a packed scene...  Read more

Flight Simulator Census

Compiled by Ian Strachan With drawdown of military forces from combat areas and decreasing military budgets, one might think that flight simulation activity would also decrease. However, the census results indicate continued support for training by...  Read more

Seeking the Visual Grail

4K, laser and solid state illumination and 3D stereoscopic technologies are entering commercial and home markets. What is the potential for military simulation? MS&T’s Chuck Weirauch queried experts from four leading projection and visual systems...  Read more

The Path to Combat Ready

In Part 1, Dim Jones covered the initial training of the RAF’s Typhoon pilots, through the Operational Conversion Unit, No 29(R) Squadron, at RAF Coningsby, from which students emerged as LCR(QRA), or Limited Combat Ready (Quick Reaction Alert); this...  Read more

Training Transformation 2.0

Training Transformation
Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports the US military services are expanding and fine-tuning their training readiness portfolios to better support a wider range of operational environments. As US forces withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the nation’s...  Read more

Protecting S&T Investment

The US DoD budget anticipates continued spending reductions across the services’ portfolios in FY 2014. At the same time the services are protecting their S&T investments by primarily providing incremental advancements and modernization of legacy...  Read more