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The Return of Large Scale NATO Exercises

NATO Soldiers
Group Editor Marty Kauchak previews the scenario and industry participation strategy for NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015. As this issue was being published NATO staff offices and alliance nations were starting the early phases of Exercise Trident...  Read more

About I/ITSEC 2015

Show organizers are excited about the upcoming show as planning is coming together. Managing Editor Jeff Loube offers a preview. The military simulation and training community will gather again in Orlando, FL. from 30 November to 4 December 2015 at...  Read more

A Tablet for Everyone

The Navy’s eSailor program will ultimately provide continuous training and life-long career education in mobile devices. MS&T’s Chuck Weirauch explains. What the US Navy hopes will be the platform for its mobile training in the future was...  Read more

Boeing’s New TSGS Vice President

Boeing has named Tim Noonan as vice president of Training Systems and Government Services (TSGS). Noonan replaces Bob Gower, who is retiring this month after nearly 30 years with the company. Noonan will lead more than 2,200 employees at six major TSGS...  Read more

Presagis Launches Ondulus Radar

ondulus radar
Presagis has launched the new Ondulus Radar software product with tools for organizations to add high-fidelity, high-performance radar sensors to a variety of simulation applications. Ondulus Radar can simulate ground-based radar at a given geographic...  Read more

Enhanced Laser Guided Training Rounds

laser guided training
Lockheed Martin has won $24.2 million in contracts from the US Navy to produce Enhanced Laser Guided Training Rounds (ELGTR). ELGTR emulates the flight characteristics of Paveway™ II laser-guided weapon systems and gives pilots the same information...  Read more