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Rheinmetall Acceptance Tests Passed

Rheinmetall trainer
Acceptance Tests Passed Within 15 months after contract award, Rheinmetall produced a driving simulator and a gunnery simulator for training Indonesian Leopard 2 personnel and both passed factory acceptance tests (FAT) conducted by an Indonesian...  Read more

Military Flight Simulators 2015 

Ian Strachan has compiled and analysed the Halldale simulator data for 2015. He provides a brief overview of census data extracted from the Halldale simulator database. This year’s census of military flight simulators shows an increase in numbers that...  Read more

Cubic Corporation

cubic corporation
Retired US Navy Vice Admiral David Buss has been named as vice president and deputy to the president of Cubic Global Defense (CGD). Buss will lead the business strategy for Cubic’s live, virtual and constructive (LVC) training for combined air, land...  Read more

Navy Simulation Centre for South African Navy

South African Navy
The South African Navy has taken into service a new state-of-art simulation centre at SAS Simonsberg, the Navy’s maritime warfare training centre. The centre is the result of a joint venture with industry to enhance naval training using the latest...  Read more

Virtual World Training

virtual world training
Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS) has integrated technologies from two major US tech firms to create a total virtual training world game for training – one in which the player is fully integrated into the game action. ECS has integrated...  Read more

Electronic Simulation Library

electronic simulation
RTDynamics has released the first version of its physics based real-time electronic warfare, RADAR and missile simulation C++ library, named EWAWS. It allows developers to model air-to-air, air-to-ground and surface-to-air missile engagements and...  Read more